D.C. cop pushes a woman to the ground during BLM protest near the White House

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4012   18 days ago
D.C. cop pushes a woman to the ground in a scuffle outside St John's Episcopal Church during Black Lives Matter protest near the White House.

A woman was pushed to the ground by police at a heavily-guarded Black Lives Matter protest near the White House last night.

Footage showed the white woman being blocked by a wall of cops as she moved towards a roadblock by St John's Episcopal Church.

One of the masked officers appeared to use both hands to push her away, sending the woman sprawling to the ground.

The scuffle led to angry shouts from bystanders, and the officers appeared to back away as one man started loudly berating them.

It was not clear what led to the confrontation, or where the woman was trying to go when she walked towards the line of police.

The clash took place by St John's Church with the White House in the background and the Washington Monument visible behind that.

After the woman was knocked over, several police officers slowly retreated while another man helped her back to her feet.

She did not appear badly hurt but it was not clear whether she continued protesting.
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