Pensioner survived after a truck hit

1076   18 days ago
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1076   18 days ago
Severe injuries for an 81-year-old resident of Kemerovo turned out to be an attempt to shorten the path and cross the road in front of cars moving at the crossroads. The pensioner fell under the wheels of MAZ, whose driver simply did not notice the pedestrian. A terrible moment hit the camera lens of the recorder.

The accident occurred on Wednesday, June 24, at the corner of Kuznetskiy Avenue and Sibiryakov-Gvardeytsev Street. The woman, as can be judged by the frames, decided to cross the busy road at a time when the green traffic light had already lit up and the cars started off. The pensioner was about 15 meters from the crossing and in such a hurry that she stumbled and fell right under the wheels of a heavy truck. His driver just started and dragged the woman a few meters, until other car owners stopped him with signals.

The victim was taken to a hospital in serious condition.
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What a shame. I just can’t believe how she didn’t wait. At her age.. girl!
Guess she didn't realize the driver of the truck couldn't see her nor feel her dragging. The woman is yelling - so the turn the hazard lights on instead of back up? Karen decided to lecture her on the rules of crossing the road? a little late for that. :(

Taken to the hospital in serious condition - taken to the death factory for disposal should be more like it. :( Rip Babushka.
I think the old bitch was trying to commit suicide and these vodka swilling fucktards fucked it up for her.
Errrr,.... no one tried to help the poor woman?? That sat around and argued over who's fault?? Damn.
fell? i dont know looked like she lost the will to leave lol poor woman tho