Kurdish raid on Jihadists near Afrin

2007   15 days ago
AmericanDad | 37 subscribers
2007   15 days ago
Kurdish raid on Jihadists near Afrin.

from OP

June 19;
Our forces carried out a retaliatory operation against the occupier gangs between the villages of Kefer Nebo and Berad in the Sherawa district. As a result, 14 gang members were killed and many others were wounded. A number of weapons and ammunition were also seized.
The armor that was seized;
4 Weapons AK-47 and 1 quiver 1 BKC weapons arsenal 1 weapon RPG-7 1 Weapons, Bruno 1 Thermal 3 Phone This action forces us to take revenge for our comrades Fire ', Rustem Cudi and Yilmaz' of that attack, on June 13, has been martyred.
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Good job. Hats off.
Raid on what..? Rocks?
The Kurds are badass.
I enjoyed, however, kurds are terrorists too!
Jihadists = kids
Kurdish servers to Israelis..
The Kurdish are heroes to me. They beat IS, but then were betraid by US and Europe.
+100 points for no shitty muslim singalong backing track