The cyclist was shot down

2213   18 days ago
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2213   18 days ago
At the crossroads of two avenues "Mercedes", having beaten a 21-year-old cyclist VIDEO The

night before, at the crossroads at Chernigov, at the crossroads avenue, Mira i Peremogi "Mersedes", with a beaten cyclist.

For the benefit of the Visokom Val, the official of the patrol police Anna Chernyavska.

Behind the front information, the water of the Mercedes-Benz car, having collapsed in the McDonald's bike at the crossroads at Peremogi-Mira, and the cyclist collapsed at Peace Ave. in the bike-ready. Ukraine

Zі slіv svіdkіv the cyclist burst into the car.

Bicyclist hospitalization to the World Cup 2 with multiple faces and closed craniocerebral injury.
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He had multiple faces? Like, was he from Chernobyl or something? Did Leviathan translate this?
Was looking at the wrong part of the vid. Circle it at least man!
well it looks like the guy on the bike was trying to sneak through too late by the way the car and the bus release the breaks then apply them again, but either way you gotta be fucked in your head ripping through and intersection at that speed of a fucking bicycle!
Happily surprised that the driver in front is not a cockroach ignoring the victim like they usually do in that post-modern shithole country.
That google translate is totally hilarious!
...Good... Fuck cyclists...