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Arthur Lewis is getting railroaded by Craig Sawyer


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1502   7 days ago
GiddyGerman | 16 subscribers
1502   7 days ago
Tucson Arizona, a human trafficking lair has been uncovered. Arizona being a border state the guilty parties and the straight up hive mind fearing danger has been targeting Arthur Lewis, Veterens on Patrol in favor of Craig Sawyer Veteren 4 Child Rescue. Craig Sawyer plays the oldest trick in the book, put up a front of what the people will support, run it into the ground doing the opposite of what you claim to be. His con worked out beautifully as all he needed to do was play the county sherrif's office Modis Operandi of "not getting their hands dirty" even going so far as to arrest A.L. for 2 hours to get him to stop poking the "bee hive". Also, through political and media connections, he used his Youtube account to put out a counterstatement along with the sherrif's line to the press that "A.L. is making it up.." and now this is the media's stance. If Tucson is close, I suggest you pay the camp a visit and be prepared as it is littered with drug runners and human trafficking routes. A side note, always follow the money, Craig Sawyer notoriously takes rightous donations and squanders them with no apparent results to file on or to deliver, Arthur Lewis only takes donations in the form of gift cards so that you are confident that they can only be exchanged for basic necessities... Source: mostly... https://medicalkidnap.com/2018/06/04/breaking-vet-group-finds-pedophile-child-sex-camp-near-tucson-local-law-enforcement-refuses-to-help-as-tensions-rise/
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