Burn MF'r, Burn!

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3517   16 days ago
Ozymandius | 9 subscribers
3517   16 days ago
Electrocution, decapitation, amputation, BBQ, free fall and no fuks given... all in one! One of the better electrocution videos, imho.
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Highest quality of this video I've seen, thanks Ozymandius. Love how it electrically decapitates them.
On the plus side his wounds were cauterized so he won’t have to worry about bleeding to death.
Strangest suicide ive seen on LR to date. I mean how else do you ` accidentally ` lean over a rooftop and stick ur neck on a live power cable unintentionally?
Dammit, they lost their satellite dish, no TV!!!! (And he lost his head....lol...)
these people are sick.....and are really shitty at taking videos
Wtf Ozy.... I almost hurled on this 1
Wow, a little something for everyone on this one.
Lost only 1 head and 1 leg plus all his blood got vaporized on spot.
Brutal shit.
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