Well-fed beaver who fell down a well

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2387   1 month ago
There was a video of the rescue of a beaver who fell into a two-meter well on the territory of a summer cottage near Mozhaisk. According to the press service of Mosoblpozhspas, the incident occurred on Wednesday, June 3.

According to the department, the summer residents who discovered the intruder did not dare to help him on their own and turned to specialists.

“A frightened beaver, showing aggression, tried in every possible way to return back to the well. We made a lot of efforts to pull out a heavy, slippery animal,” said one of the rescuers who took part in removing the “captive”.

After the beaver managed to get it, with the help of a device for catching wild animals he was taken away from the dachas, where he fell into a trap, and released.
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These are some of the worst animal handlers I have ever seen.
NYC Sewer rat that got its tail run over by heavy truck
I read the title and thought it was some fat broad stuck down there.
Ah a wet beaver
Probably a pregnant female beaver
I guess female cops are useless no matter what country you're in.
Fuck. Leave it down there to get skinny and waddle it's way out of there.
I do like me some beaver hole.
Is there a reason why the guy absolutely needed to help the lady with her mask at the beginning, she's not a kid, you annoying fuck.
oh THAT beaver
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