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Female thieves point man's own guns at him as they steal his Rolex


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5794   1 month ago
VagabundoR1 | 89 subscribers
5794   1 month ago
CCTV moment an angry victim confronted two armed thieves as they tried to flee his apartment building - with his Rolex watch and his guns.
Surveillance footage from the apartment complex in Miami Dade County at 11.42p.m, November 17, showed the woman who both appear to be armed as they get inside an elevator, followed by a man.
One of them holds her gun at the man's chest, prompting him to slap the gun down and to back into the apartment complex's floor while being held back by the other thief.
The victim, visibly upset, exchanges words with the woman who held the gun against him.
Eventually, the women seem to relent, sliding the guns across the floor then throwing the Rolex, which can be worth thousands of dollar, to the ground.
As the male victim goes to pick up the watch, the women are seen rapidly hitting the door close button to escape.
After the elevator's door finally shuts, one of the two women puts her head against the elevator's wall and sticks her tongue out in a sign of relief.
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