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Hartford police release body cam footage of shooting at officer


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1502   6 days ago
ThisIsButter | 443 subscribers
1502   6 days ago
City police on Monday released body cam footage from a shooting last month where authorities said a man opened fire on an officer sitting in her car.

Police later apprehended a suspect in the Oct. 26 shooting, 31-year-old Hartford resident Jose Cajigas after a foot pursuit. Cajigas has also been named as a person of interest in the killing of Catherine Hays, a local woman found dead in her apartment with “signs of trauma” the day before, according to police.

Police so far have not identified the female officer involved.

The video opens in the driver’s seat of the officer’s cruiser on a rainy night. The officer can be heard speaking with a man out of frame through the open window of the car.

She asks him what’s going on and for his name. He answers her “Alejandro.” The officer asks him where he lives and whether he’s taken anything or if he’s on medication.

His response is muddled in the audio from the video, but it appears the man tells her he is drunk. She asks him if he was at a party and his response is unclear again.

“Okay well just standby alright?” the camera records the officer saying. “You need an ambulance?”

The officer goes on to say: “Why don’t you sit on the hood of the car? Sit on the edge, alright?” Four seconds pass as the officer closes her window. Suddenly, what sound like gunshots ring out.

The officer screams and scrambles to put the cruiser in drive. She turns the car and speeds forward, the video capturing the driver’s side window smashed open as it ends.

Hartford police said in a statement at the time that the officer was patrolling a parking lot in the Clay Arsenal neighborhood around 1:30 a.m.

“While on this patrol, the officer was approached by a male who walked up to her marked police cruiser. The officer engaged the male in conversation to inquire if he needed assistance,” police said. The officer requested an ambulance to respond to her location.

“While the officer was further attempting to speak with him, the male, without provocation, produced a firearm and fired through the driver’s side window of the cruiser, narrowly missing the officer,” police said.

The officer “suffered abrasions on her face” from the shattering window according to police. After she moved her car, she was able to keep sight of the man, who ran away, police said. Other officers responded and were able to take the man into custody. He was later identified as Cajigas.

He was charged with attempt to commit murder, attempt to commit assault, attempt to commit assault on a public safety officer and criminal possession of a firearm.

At the time of his arrest he had several cases pending, including criminal possession of a pistol and violation of probation, according to court records, and was out on bond. He remains in custody on $2.5 million bond.
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