Video shows Sacramento police officer place teen in neck restraint

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2382   1 month ago
The Sacramento Police Department is investigating a use of force incident early Monday morning during which an officer placed a teenager in a neck restraint.

A cellphone video, taken by a bystander, showed an officer lying on his back on the sidewalk with his arm firmly around a young man’s neck or chin.

The young man was identified by Sacramento police as Tyzhon Johnson, 18, who police arrested on suspicion of looting and resisting arrest, police spokesman Officer Karl Chan said. Johnson was booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail, but was scheduled for release on Tuesday, jail records show.

“The video captures the end of an incident where officers were attempting to effect an arrest for looting,” Chan said in a statement to The Sacramento Bee. “Prior to this, the suspect had fled on foot and officers engaged in a foot pursuit. The suspect then began to fight with officers. The use of force has been documented and will be reviewed per department policy as with any use of force.”

Zakiyah Guillory, 27, said she was driving home to North Sacramento just before 1 a.m. from a peaceful protest that had taken place earlier in the night. She saw a young man running down the street from police, she said.

The man was carrying two duffel bags, dropped them in the street and then tripped on the sidewalk and fell, she said. After he fell, an officer jumped on him, rolled him over and placed him in what looked like a chokehold, Guillory said.

That prompted Guillory to get out of her car and start recording. A different video shows officers pointing less-lethal weapons, which shoot bean bags, and one officer shoving her away. The push caused Guillory to fall in the street on her side before she got back up and kept recording.

“Stop choking him,” Guillory screamed repeatedly.

“I couldn’t sit there and be silent especially after peacefully protesting about George Floyd, a man who was killed by being choked,” Guillory said Tuesday. “Are you f------ serious? This is the reason we’re out there and they go and do the same exact thing?”

Guillory questioned why the police used such force on the young man, a black teenager who had dropped the bags. She said she also saw groups of white teenagers who had stolen items that night.
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