USNavy F/A-18E Super Hornets launch from USS HarryS Truman to intercept two B-1B Lancers

1639   1 month ago
Santiago | 34 subscribers
1639   1 month ago
Watch as USNavy F/A-18E Super Hornets launch from #USSHarrySTruman and intercept two US Stratcom B-1B Lancers during a USNorthernCmd led, large-scale homeland defense exercise.
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Truman; built it....
Think what a single missile from one of those magnificent fighter jets could do to a burning city in the u.s right now! :D
Oh look... nuclear payload en route for every Dem city....
...They need to make a pass along 5th Avenue of NYC, like I fucking predicted a few days ago... I swear... We're going to end up paying for both the riots and the disgustingly slow moving military....
Was half expecting some joggers to break into the cockpit mid flight and start stealing instrument panels
Was hoping they were headed to the riots