Tanker Drives Thru Crowd Of Protesters in #Minneapolis.

3631   1 month ago
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3631   1 month ago
A tanker truck appears to barrel through thousands of peaceful protesters on Interstate 35W in #Minneapolis.

Authorities have identified a truck driver who was arrested after he drove through a crowd protesting on I-35W in Minneapolis as Bogdan Vechirko.

Vechirko has been booked in the Hennepin County Jail.

Sunday night, Ken Advantage, the trucking company Vechirko is an independent contractor for, issued a statement.

"Our hearts go out to all those who are grieving the events of this past week," part of the statement read.

The company said it will be cooperating fully with the investigation.

Minnesota Department of Corrections Commissioner Paul Schnell, who was speaking on behalf of DPS, said investigators have spoken with the driver. Schnell said investigators will forward any potential charges to the Hennepin County Attorney's Office.
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honestly i liked this guys initiative un till the fucking retard stopped! WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU STOP!? i bet he regrets pushing the brake pedal right about now...
Should have kept driving.
It is obvious that the trucker did not want to hurt anyone.
This is precisely why I keep 9 mags for my boomstick loaded at all times. Look at the fucking zombie army.
damn he wasnt driving fast enough
This would have been beautiful if this had a bomb strapped to it.
Next time I want to see the Utah Bow Man riding shotgun and firing from the open window
I know hes a day cab but im sure there was plenty of chat going on over the CB saying 35 is swarmed. The CB has saved my ass plenty of times, just sucks cause a lot of drivers dont invest in getting one. He couldve had a heads up if he had his "ears on". Ill slow if i come into a situation like this......... but the second they try to get in my cab im dropping it down a few gears and revving high outta there. We all have seen what an 80,000lbs semi does to the human body on here so i wont be that shocked. Hear all kinds of Trucker Horror stories about the Rodney King Riots in L.A back in the early 90's where they would drag you out of your rig and beat you to death just like this tanker driver almost experienced. Awesome how the cops swarmed in to save him!
If he was trying to kill them, he wouldn't have stopped...
People have shit to fucking do. This guy was lucky enough to be left with a job after all of this virus CRAP and was just trying to make a delivery. Why are they letting these scum just take over roads? They are letting them loot, burn and all of it. Not the cops but the damn mayors of these cities. They need to stop treating them like animals that know no better. Oh and if I was a muslim guy driving though this crowd it would be all hushed up. At least that mother fucker would have taken a hundred of them out.
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