New angle - Man shooting arrow at protesters. crowd tackles him

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2784   1 month ago
Another view of the bow and arrow incident.

ideo of a man aiming a bow and arrow at demonstraters has emerged, as Black Lives Matter protests spread across the world demanding justice over the killing of George Floyd this weekend. The footage, viewed by more than 9 million on Twitter, shows an angry driver, later named as Brandon McCormick, getting out of his car yelling ‘all lives matter’ before producing a bow and arrow in the middle of protests in Salt Lake City, Utah.

A woman is heard shouting ‘look at this, call yourself an American?’ as he assembles the weapon and retorts: ‘Yes I’m an American, all lives matter!’ McCormick is then seen turning away from the camera and aiming the bow and arrow at protesters, before the woman screams: ‘Don’t you dare’. A person is then seen on the ground in front of him – but it is not clear whether they were shot – before the crowd screams, drivers beep their horns and protesters quickly jump on him.
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he needed a crossbow,they would have stayed away,great job though!
can we send these niggers back to africa where they are much worse?
“Daddy pleaaaasseee, can we go to the riots today? “Sure thing son, that would be swell
Father of the year award to that fucking asshole at the end of the video for bringing his kid to the riot....
Who brings their children to a fucking riot? Parents need to be arrested for child endangerment. Hopefully Master Trump will do something crafty that'll make all of those fuckers wish they never heard the word riot.
Wrong execution of the right idea....a dozen bows from a secure roof top launched in volleys might have cleared the crowds......flaming arrows would have been a nice touch...
You can bet they stole his bow too.
Who takes a kid to a riot? Guy in grey shorts at end of video.. Fucking tit.
All hail the Utah Bow Man!!!
He old he didn’t give a fuck.

I salute him for going into that crowd knowing he wasn’t getting out.

Fuck yeah I’m American!

Sick of the bullshit we need more like him (in heart not arrows but guns)
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