Body Cam of the college students violent arrest, 2 Atlanta Cops Fired

2009   1 month ago
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2009   1 month ago
2 Atlanta Cops Fired After College Students Violently Arrested.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said two police officers were fired Saturday and three placed on desk duty after using “excessive force” in the arrest of two college students.

The incident happened Saturday night during a protest after demonstrators resisted a 9 p.m. curfew for the city of Atlanta.

In a viral video, police officers surrounded a car being driven by Morehouse College student Messiah Young. Spelman College student Taniya Pilgrim was in the passenger seat. The officers pulled Pilgrim out and used a Taser on Young.

Officers arrested the couple.

Pilgrim was released from custody shortly after midnight. Charges against her have been dropped. Young suffered an epileptic seizure last night, according to Spelman College Student Government Association.

Bottoms said he has been released and she’s working on dropping charges against him.
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Wtf , fired for doing their job ? This is bullshit . It’s time WE THE PEOPLE take matters into our own hands
I have never been more disgusted with America in my life. What the fuck happened? We just let these niggers pillage and do whatever the fuck they want? Where is the push back?
They totally deserved it
Disband all of the Police Forces and change regulations to;
#1 No qualified immunity except for very rare and few cases.
#2 All police related lawsuits to be paid out from Police Pension Fund.

That's it. Those two things will fix attitude of bad cops and when everyone's pension is on the line, is when cops will start keeping and eye on each other.
I love the crying that starts around 30 seconds....always crying when they get arrested...
How long before cops are told to stop arresting people when they start resisting? This is why cops don't bother policing black neighborhoods.
Cops flipped the script

How does it feel to be outnumbered?
how nice.. lol beat the fuckers
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