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32461   1 month ago
BlueEyedDevil | 61 subscribers
32461   1 month ago
During a lively debate on the Reactor Antineutrino Anomaly, two colleagues from the Brookhaven National Laboratory, Shaquarion Johnson and Quabillious Jackson(or Billy, as he’s known around the lab), the question was brought up of why the existing body of data regarding the antineutrino flux from nuclear reactors around the world measured value appears to be only 94% of the value expected.
Shaquarion said it’s possible that it’s due to unknown physics, such as sterile neutrinos. But Billy argued that
It was simply errors in the theoretical flux calculations.
Both of them knowing that they were correct, and spurred on by other colleagues as thirsty for knowledge as them, the two monkeys had no choice but to get off the porch and chunk spears like the filthy apes they are to know which groid is right.

***I’m no scientist, but it looks like it might be a problem with the flux calculations***
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