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Atlanta officer hit by car on I 75 while working accident


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1558   1 month ago
ThisIsButter | 444 subscribers
1558   1 month ago
An Atlanta police officer who responded to the scene of an accident ended up in the hospital when another vehicle passing by struck him.

Officer Steven Randerson's body camera captured the terrifying moment on video. The police department is using the experience to teach others the importance of Georgia's "Move Over Law."

Around 8:10 on the morning of Oct. 6, APD said Randerson was investigating an accident on I-75 North near 17th Street.

"The vehicles from the accident had been moved to the right shoulder of the highway and Ofc. Randerson positioned his police vehicle behind them to warn oncoming traffic of the hazard and to shield the citizen’s vehicles from another collision," APD said in a Facebook post.

The video shows him outside his patrol car in the shoulder holding his phone as traffic continues to flow. He turns around and moments later you hear the crash; the camera angle becomes unstable as the phone appears to hit the ground.

People can be heard screaming in the background.

APD said the oncoming car was traveling too fast for wet conditions and lost control; the driver slid out of the traffic lane into the shoulder where Randerson was working.

"Ofc. Randerson was seriously injured in the collision and remains off-duty during recovery," APD said on Tuesday. "The driver who rammed into Randerson was cited for going too fast for conditions."

APD also mentioned how grateful they are because this situation could have been worse.

"This incident is a reminder of the many dangerous situation’s officers can and do encounter each day and how grateful we should all be for their service," they added.

"We remind motorists of Georgia’s Move Over Law which was put in place to avoid exactly this type of thing from happening," APD said. "This law states that drivers must move-over one lane when emergency vehicles are stopped on the side of the road."

They also recommended for drivers to slow down during wet conditions.
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