Woman gets KNOCKED OUT by cop after punching officer twice

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4580   1 month ago
Woman gets KNOCKED OUT by cop after punching officer twice.

video purportedly filmed in Baltimore shows a woman being knocked to the ground by a police officer, after she delivered several blows to the head of another cop.

In the clip, a woman is seen in an altercation with a police officer, who grabs her arm in an apparent attempt to detain her. She then pulls away from the officer and lands two punches on him.

The officer appears slightly stunned and doesn’t strike back. Instead, one of his colleagues, standing behind the woman, delivers a powerful blow to her chin. The woman staggers backwards and collapses on the ground.

It’s unclear what led to the incident, which appears to have taken place in an intersection.

Violence and unrest have rocked cities across the United States, with demonstrations against the alleged police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis descending into rioting and looting.
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This is why they kneel on you bro.
Watching that coconut noggin slap the pavement was just too satisfying...
lol the black cop probably learnt how to do that from watching his dad and mommas mating rituals
Then look at the monkeys freak out when she got knocked the fuck out. This is how they are. They can be as criminal and as violent as they want but when cops defend themselves they act like the cops are out of line. WTF.
Fat bitch got what she deserved.
All this bullshit. As soon as they allow “open fire”. I’ll go sign up to be a cop
Of course this doesn't make it to CNN. Then Hailey Baldwin will apologize some more, then adopt (really get impregnated by some BBC while hubby watches) some cute African kids.
In West Baltimore? Sheeeeeeeit partner
Looked like a giant turd dropped from a high building hit the ground.
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