Indian Armed Forces airstrikes vehicle-IED Pulwama.

2026   1 month ago
Fairenough | 76 subscribers
2026   1 month ago
The person driving the car escaped from the area, leaving the car behind… the security forces recovered huge quantity of explosives and, subsequently, it was destroyed,” said a senior officer.

officials said that - “The terrorists was going to target Indian security forces…we are calling experts from outside. Primary investigation reveals that nitrate salt and nitroglycerin was used. In the morning, we said the weight (of IED) could be 25 kg, but since the debris went up in the air to 50 m (after the controlled explosion), it looks like 40-45 kg of explosives were there,” he said.

An Army release on Thursday said, “Neutralization of this vehicle based IED has averted a major Pulwama style fidayeen attack on the Security Forces. Operations will be intensified in coming days to deny any opportunity to terrorists for staging such dastardly attacks.”
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