Robbers Ran Over Woman After She Withdrew $75,000. Inside Job, Police Say

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6876   1 month ago
Two joggers violently attacked a woman at a Houston gas station just after she got out of her car, surveillance video released last week shows.

Now investigators believe the attempted heist of the $75,000 she had in her purse on Friday was an inside job.

“There was a dindu inside the bank, an employee at the bank, that was possibly involved in this, and we will be getting a warrant for it’s arrest,” Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman told KPRC.

Late Tuesday afternoon, police arrested a third suspect in the case, an employee of the Wallis State Bank of FM Road 1960 in Houston where the woman withdrew the $75,000, just minutes before she was attacked and run over by another of the three suspects at the gas station where the victim runs a check-cashing business, according to a statement from Herman released on Facebook.
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They were sure laser focused and dedicated to steal. I wonder if that focus and dedication carries over to their jobs.
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Can't stand these people that can't go out and work for their money legally, and think they can take innocent peoples shit... I seen this video like a year ago
Is that the journalistic standard? replacing alleged with jogger?You have to give the BT1000 some credit, she held on to that purse even when she was getting back up on.
You would think dudes planning crimes would address their wardrobe choices "Is there a chance I'll be running from the cops? perhaps I would wear a belt to avoid becoming a statistic. "
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