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Closeup SUICIDE Bombing in near Syrian Justice Department


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Syrian Arab Republic Share
23691   2 months ago
HassanQ | 38 subscribers
23691   2 months ago
A lawyer and his brother were killed when a person detonated a bomb near them while they were at the gate of the Justice Palace in Tartus; due to family disputes between them.

Activist Mahmoud Ahmed Idris showed on Facebook a video clip of the bombing incident, and wrote a comment on it saying: "The kidnappings of death and the drunkenness of negligence... Tartous court today."

At the beginning of the clip, two people are seen talking sharply before a third person intervenes, then a clash and a fist fight ensues, resulting in a massive explosion that cuts the victims to n the details, one of the active accounts on “Facebook” in Syria said that the so-called (Yahya.H) had set off a bomb on the lawyer (Mulham.M) at the door of the Justice Palace in Tartous and detonated it due to family disputes between them;

Which led to the death of the lawyer and the injury of the thrower, the brother of the lawyer who was with him, three officers, three members of the Tartous Governorate Police Command, and two civilians who were present at the place.
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