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Dayton officer, Thadeu Holloway, returns fire after being shot in the face


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ThisIsButter | 427 subscribers
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A Dayton police officer shot in the left side of his face Tuesday night who returned fire, striking the suspect multiple times, was able to request help for himself and the wounded suspect as well as direct bystanders to safety.

The officer shot was identified as Thadeu Holloway, an eight-year veteran of the Dayton Police Department, said Matt Carper, interim director and chief, during a Wednesday afternoon news briefing.

The officer-involved shooting began with an investigation into a fake bill passed at a Dollar General store, Carper said.

Holloway responded around 6:45 p.m. to Dollar General at 888 S. Gettysburg Ave. for a fraud complaint after a customer passed a counterfeit bill earlier in the day, Carper said.

Holloway arrived at 7:26 p.m. at the rear of 609 Ingram St. and approached 39-year-old Antwyane Deon Lowe, who matched the description of the suspect in the Dollar General fraud call, Carper said.

As Holloway approached and addressed Lowe, he ignored the officer and began to walk away. As Holloway got closer to Lowe, he turned and punched Holloway in the face without warning, Carper said.

The officer used his Taser, and Lowe fell to the ground but was able to reach into his pocket and pull out a handgun, firing one round that struck Holloway in the left side of his face, Carper said.

“The officer fell to the ground and immediately returned fire with five rounds, striking the suspect multiple times. Despite his injuries, the officer was able to effectively request assistance for himself and the wounded suspect. The officer also provided for the safety of witnesses and bystanders by directing them to a place of safety.”

Police played radio traffic of the incident during the media briefing.

“609 Ingram. I’ve been shot. … I returned fire. I need medics and I need crews, please,” Holloway told dispatchers. “609 Ingram. Please hurry. I’ve been shot on the left side of my head. I can barely hear my earpiece.”

Another Dayton officer took Holloway in a marked cruiser to Miami Valley Hospital. His left temporal artery was torn in the shooting, but he was in stable condition.

Dayton police who arrived provided aid to Lowe, and Dayton medics took him to Miami Valley Hospital. Police said he was in critical condition Tuesday night but he has improved and on Wednesday was in stable condition, police said.

Holloway’s bodycam video, which was played during the media briefing, showed Holloway try to speak to Lowe and the point when Lowe suddenly turned around and punched the officer. Holloway immediately used his Taser and Lowe fell to the ground but the Taser appeared to have limited effect. Lowe ignored Holloway’s commands to put his hands behind his back and get on his stomach. Lowe pulled a gun from his pocket and shot Holloway in the face, the video showed.

Holloway returned fire, and requested help. He maintained contact with police dispatchers and asked concerned residents to stay inside and assured them that help was on the way.

Carper said charges that will be filed against Lowe include two counts of felonious assault on a police officer as well as carrying a concealed weapon, weapons under disability and counterfeiting.
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