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Fairenough | 76 subscribers
1969   1 month ago
We had a DDOS attack which effected our servers and the database, now everything is secured and fixed.

You should be able to login without a issue.

Some videos and comments might be missing. It will be uploaded soon.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may has caused.

please donate whenever you can so we can improve the site! Thanks in advance.!


LR staff
Tags: ddos
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Propably putin
Is that why my uploaded girl squatting video and avatar disappeared?
...A million thanks for keeping this site going... I'm kinda banned from most platforms...
i bet it was those filthy rotten butthole pirates from liveleak....they are upset you are the source for real uncensored videos now!!
Why would anyone want to DDoS this beautifully creative website? Makes my eyes rain :(