Catels having fun with two CJNG Gunmen

3211   15 days ago
SailorDave | 27 subscribers
3211   15 days ago
Cartels (FM) having fun with two CJNG Gunmen Skip to 2:40 if you don't wanna watch the whole video
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Send the drones in, what the fuck are we waiting for
The cartel is shooting at some cans: MEXICANS!!!!!!
White men were exactly right when they referred to the red and brown people of the Americas as savages. Bloodthirsty animals.
That guys needs more range time. May I suggest a few hundred more cartel targets.
At least they took it like men
They must have hired that sniper from the parking lot at home depot
Fuckin' Clint Eastwood...……….
Bigger and better WALLS, please.
For the life of me I'll never understand why in all these videos they don't at least get shot trying to rush the bad guys or something. Shit at least try to fight back.
I sleep better at night knowing those wetbacks roam freely between my country and mexico. They might even be one of my neighbors here in Texas and cancel out my vote every election.
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