United States coronavirus death toll passes 70,000

1532   2 months ago
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1532   2 months ago
BREAKING: United States coronavirus death toll passes 70,000
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8,000 people die a day in the US. Who cares.
I’ll believe those figures are accurate when me shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherberrttttt
Three months of COVID 19 kill 70,000 Americans.
Eight years of Vietnam kill 68,000 American's.
Hmmmm, I thought they said it was getting better 'cause we've reached the plateau.......
“African man beaten with rocks and lit on fire with old tire dies of coronavirus.” -CNN
“Pajeet run over by speeding train dies of coronavirus.” - CNN
“ChingChong falls through open elevator shaft dies of coronavirus.”-CNN
“Tran Nguyen crushed in horrible moped accident dies of coronavirus.” CNN
“Julio Córdoba chopped to pieces with dull machetes in Brazilian jungle dies of coronavirus.” -CNN
Chicago, new York, California, Washington, jersey and evert other New England state. They want money to fund their promises of pensions.
These states are broke.
Dems are changing the goal -posts. First it was to ensure you don’t overwhelm the hospitals (never happened) then it was changing the days to re-open the economy. Most of those deaths are the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions. But thanks for not REALLY reporting the news MSNBC.
Note that the democrats want it to continue. Look at the map. This political.
The blood clots and strokes from this don't make MSM, major organs shut down, or the fact the bodies are highly contagious after death.
72,271 In the US, passed 70k yesterday......
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