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Hezbollah leader shot dead during a wedding, in connection with a “revenge case”


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Jmiller | 133 subscribers
9517   1 month ago
Hezbollah leader shot dead during a wedding, in connection with a “revenge case”

Beirut – “Al Quds Al Arabi”: Ali Shibli, one of Hezbollah’s “resistance brigades” officials, was killed in a retaliatory operation during a wedding party in the Jiyeh area on Saturday night, in retaliation for the killing of one of the “Arab Khaldeh” youths about a year ago without being handed over to the judiciary for trial.

Ahmed, brother of the late Hassan Ghosn, fired a number of shots at Sadr Ali Shibli during the wedding, killing him and creating a state of tension between the southern suburbs and Khaldeh. An audio recording of a Hezbollah supporter was circulated in which he wished the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, to attack the Khaldeh Arabs in response to the killing of Commander Shibli, whom Israel was unable to kill in Bint Jbeil, according to him.

As a result, the Lebanese army imposed a security cordon in the vicinity of the Shibli Center in Khaldeh, which was owned by the dead man, at a time when the Arab clans issued a statement saying: “It is among the customs and traditions of the Arabs to take revenge if there is no reconciliation between the disputants, and what happened with the killing of Ali Shibli is not Except for revenge. Therefore, we hope for the families of the murdered to consider killing an eye for an eye and not to exceed that, and we are all keen to preserve civil peace, the right of neighborhood and national participation. We hope that the matter will not lead us to an unfortunate strife, and our hand is in the hands of everyone who wants peace and good for the country.”

At a time when Ahmed Ghosn, who killed Shibli, became in the custody of the army’s intelligence, his family stated in a statement today that “since the first day of her son’s martyrdom, she has resented, wished and urged the security and judicial authorities to exercise their legal and judicial responsibilities in the investigation of this crime, leading to the arrest and trial of the killer Ali Shibli. over the murder committed by his own hands, and this is nothing but the belief of the family and other Arab tribes that no authority should be superior to the authority of the Lebanese state and the rule of law.”

She explained that “she did not leave a door but knocked on it to demand her right to punish the aforementioned killer in accordance with the provisions of the Lebanese Penal Code.” However, its attempts over the course of a whole year were met with the refusal of those protecting Ali Shibli to hand him over to the competent judiciary, despite the tireless attempts made by the Lebanese Army Command in this regard, to no avail. She pointed out that “the purpose of the family’s request to resort to the law and punish the killer for his act was only because of its absolute belief that it is under the law and its conviction that holding the killer accountable would inject more blood and avoid revenge in the scene that we saw in the killing of Ali Shibli.”

She added: “The Ghosn family and the rest of the Arab clans are astonished and reject what happened, but they see that what happened to Ali Shibli at the hands of the brother of the martyr Hassan Ghosn could have been avoided if the de facto authority protecting him had handed him over to the competent judiciary; Because handing over the killer in this case is to protect him before it is to take revenge on him. And in the face of the de-facto authority’s perseverance in protecting its criminals and trying to evade punishment, we saw today, unfortunately, the brother of the martyr Hassan Ghosn rising up for his dignity and fulfilling his own right as a judge against himself before he eliminated Ali Shibli.

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