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Magnetic injection site AND surgical removal !!


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7823   1 month ago
Anonymous | 19 subscribers
7823   1 month ago
Some may think this is a chip, but;

"Magnetic graphene oxide, a compound of magnetic nanoparticles and graphene oxide, possesses distinct physical and chemical characteristics, including nano size, a large specific surface area, paramagnetic and biocompatible properties, making it a promising biomaterial in the field of biomedicine. In particular, its excellent characteristics, including the integration of specific photothermal properties, magnetic thermal properties, paramagnetism, active chemical bonds, hydrophilicity, and low cytotoxicity, have been applied to remarkable bio-applications in bioimaging, biosensors, biochemical extraction and separation, stem cell regulation and the induction of differentiation, targeted drug delivery, and cancer therapy. In this review, we concentrate on the approaches of preparation, fundamental structures, biocompatibility, and the biomedical applications of magnetic graphene oxide composites."


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