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2 Colorado officers arrested after bodycam shows unarmed trespassing suspect choked and pistol whipped


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1948   2 months ago
ThisIsButter | 416 subscribers
1948   2 months ago
Newly released body cam images show an arrest made by two Aurora police officers on Friday that has resulted in excessive force charges for the officers. John Haubert and Francine Martinez were the first two responding officers to the July 23 incident on the 3100 block of South Parker Road. Court documents show the suspect they wound up arresting said “You’re killing me” as one officer pistol-whipped him and choked him.

The suspect who was arrested on that day was Kyle Maurice Vinson, 29. The officers responded to a report of trespassing and encountered Vinson there along with two other suspects. The court documents state the officers ordered the suspects to sit down while they attempted to run a records check on them, but two ran away.

The images from the body cam show Haubert holding a gun to Vinson as he was put on the ground while ordering him to put his hands in front of him. Haubert then is seen in the images holding the suspect’s neck on the ground with one hand and pressing the muzzle of his gun on the back of the suspect’s head with the other.

Moments later Vinson allegedly tried to prevent officers from trying to get him in handcuffs. Haubert then allegedly drove his gun into Vinson’s neck and then hit Vinson with his gun multiple times. One witness said Haubert told Vinson “Stop fighting or I’ll shoot” but the body cam video apparently doesn’t show Vinson fighting back.

At one point after Vinson had been struck and blood was coming from his head he said “You’re killing me.” Haubert also allegedly hit Vinson in the chest with his gun and then put his hand around Vinson’s throat. That’s when Vinson allegedly began crying as he was being strangled and started to lose consciousness.

In the midst of the struggle, Vinson is quoted as saying “Don’t shoot me, I didn’t even run” and “Don’t hurt me, bro” and “Don’t shoot me, please.”

Vinson then got up, and Haubert and Martinez allegedly forced him to the ground again.

A different officer arrived on the scene and Vinson was struck with a Taser by that officer and then he was taken into custody and treated at the hospital for cuts and bruises.

This week Haubert, 39, was booked on charges of assault with a deadly weapon causing serious bodily injury, a second felony assault charge of strangulation, felony menacing and official misconduct and official oppression, both misdemeanors.

Martinez, 40, is facing one charge of failing to intervene and a second charge of failing to report the use of force.

So far the video from the body cam has not been released. The Aurora Police Department has scheduled a news conference for Tuesday afternoon to discuss the case.
Tags: police, abuse, man

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