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China Threatens To Nuke Japan


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2772   4 months ago
Poman | 25 subscribers
2772   4 months ago
The CCP shared a video threatening to nuke Japan if they interfered with China taking over Japan. They later mentioned other islands such as the Ryukyu islands. The Ryukyu islands include Okinawa. I can't remember(keep in mind I drink A LOT) an instance where a country has literally said they were going to nuke another country. It's probably happened, but I can't think of of one. I know there's been threats between nuclear powers, but China just said we're nuking you til your country no longer exists. Japan is our ally, I wonder what Beijing Biden thins of the situation? Would he stand up for our ally? I find it doubtful. Nuclear war while our military focuses on diversity and drag shows? None of the MSM has covered this, though they did talk about national lollipop day, so there's that.
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