Trump Wonders If Injecting Disinfectant – or Light – Into Human Bodies Could Kill Coronavirus

1912   2 months ago
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1912   2 months ago
Trump Wonders If Injecting Disinfectant – or Light – Into Human Bodies Could Kill Coronavirus.

Donald Trump suggested on Thursday that medical experts should somehow try to find a way to inject light or disinfectants into the human body as a means to kill the coronavirus — methods that are either not possible or potentially fatal.

At Trump’s daily White House coronavirus press briefing, William Bryan, a science and technology official from the Department of Homeland Security, spoke about the effects of sunlight and household disinfectants like bleach and isopropyl alcohol on the virus present in saliva on surfaces and in the air.

Appearing on the podium after Bryan, Trump openly wondered whether it would be possible to “hit the body with a tremendous” amount of light or have an “injection” of disinfectant as a way to kill the virus.
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They always take his words out of context.
The key words are, ''if there was a way''. F'n Liberals and their garbage news always try to degrade Trump.
this explans what dems heard lol
"It's just a prank bro"
He should have elaborated and said it only works on liberals.
All those idiots who are saying “Trump is stupid” need to look up facts that both treatments are being used. Lungs are treated with internal UV light and disenfecting lavage. Disinfectant injection treatments are used for certain blood cancers and infections as well. Just when those cnn clowns think they finally got him he ends up being right.
Hmmm, bleach will kill you, but isopropyl alcohol will just make you drunk....and light will just give you a sun burn. I'm sure he was just fucking with the news reporters.....Have to admit I'd be saying stupid things to if I was awake around the clock having to field all the nonsense questions they throw at him. Still, he's done more good for this country than any other president to date. 4 more years !!!!!!
He is the result of going bareback and using disinfectant inside a three hole porn star on his flimsy cialis fleshpumped dick.
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