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Shit is about to hit the FAN in Atlanta

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2899   8 days ago
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2899   8 days ago
The Proud Boys are out here in Atlanta- with leader Enrique Tarrio at today’s Stop the Steal protest ProudBoys Atlanta Georgia.
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gaping_anus LR User
our ruling class wants us to believe that "white supremacists" are the biggest threat
and they call civic nationalist dumbfucks like the proud boys "white supremacists" what a joke
while 77% of americans have political beliefs they feel afraid to share
while leftist terrorists have run roughshod over the country all year
while the fbi and government at all levels works in concert with them
while niggers commit violence with impunity and demand elimination of police and prisons!!!
hey motherfucking scum let me clue you in...
we have yet to be heard
US LR User
Trump should have used the slogan "Make America WHITE again". The victory would have been more devastating than the one over the japs '45
US Level 1
Those "White Supremacist" Proud Boys... led by a nonwhite.
US LR User
Where is that Niggers Formed A Club army of 12 monkeys?
CA LR User
What a shit show. Niggers are always causing commotion.
corn_holder LR User
punch hippies, antifa, blm please
LR User
They hate that fucking cuckold kemp's guts fucking RINO.
NoggerFlogger LR User
stupid cunts. All kikel's evil plan. Stay at home.
Sharona LR User
that fat fcuking nigress is just waiting to pounce....
Ramzez LR User
Another white supremacist lol
Zlee415 LR User
Nah shits pretty chill in the A. The south is hot as hell but cool as a cucumber. The crazies all live out west.
LR User
Never go to a protest whilst wearing HOOP (dar it is!) earrings. You're libel to get led around by the lobes.
GeorgiaMontanaBoy LR User
Nothing is gonna happen in Atlanta. I was there today. Some shit almost popped off but we was ready to handle it. Then the cops got everyone off the street. It worked because gov Kemp just ordered an official audit to be performed.
Mujahideen LR User
good to see
IrishLincoln LR User
Time to kill the dissent
US LR User
Every liberal dude I ever met was a straight pussy.....
RU LR User
I predict the shit will get real when the proud boys and NFAC meet, there will be snipers shooting both sides to start the civil war, just like Biden did in Ukraine.
PresidentBiden1 LR User
Trumpssoretwat LR User
The Trumptard tampon Brigade is back. I think these faggots need a good noggin reboot. Trump and his minions are a plague on American
jansentrip LR User
Trump supporters are the dumbest people on earth
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