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Trump supporters to the Republicans condemning Trump's actions

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2032   8 days ago
Sonnyrte | 44 subscribers
2032   8 days ago
Trump supporter's message to the Republicans condemning Trump's actions : "We will finish you. And end your career forever."
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gaping_anus LR User
trump will be deposed... and yes that's the right term
and then people who vote republican will avoid voting
because they see how futile it is
and the fact that neither party gives a shit about them
the republican party is democrat lite
they only care about feral niggers and cock-munching faggots
and of course the powerful death-deserving scum whose priorities they really represent
whites and sane people of all kinds have zero representation
and it's going to take bullets not ballots to set it right
prove me fucking wrong
FactsMachine Level 1
He may not be a favorite of some here but in my opinion Trump is the best President since this guy...
US LR User
If this guy had any brains he'd be calling out the banks/jews, that fix the elections by owning all the candidates and legitimizing them with their jew media monopoly.
VA Level 1
4 More Years!
MAGA Level 1
if you let them steal the election see what's gonna happen assholes
corn_holder LR User
damn right
DamnDemDindus LR User
Fake title, the only republican that will condemn Trump is actual a liberal or panti-faschist acting like a republican!
GeorgiaMontanaBoy LR User
I was there and we had thousands.... why do you think I have Georgia in my name here
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