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Suspect seen on video beating clerk in head with gun during robbery

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1963   9 days ago
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1963   9 days ago
Houston police released a surveillance video of a suspect viciously beating a worker with a gun during a robbery on Nov. 7.

The aggravated robbery was reported at 12:10 a.m. at the Jack’s Food Store at 8700 Mesa Dr.

Police said an armed man entered the store and approached a clerk, who was standing at the coolers, and struck him in the head with the gun several times during the robbery while demanding money from the cash registers.

Surveillance video shows the clerk bleeding from his head.

Police said the suspect forced the clerk to walk to the registers inside an enclosed area and forced him to open the registers to remove money. Police said the suspect took the money and left the store.

Police said the clerk suffered lacerations to his eye and nose.

The suspect is described as slim build, white long sleeve shirt, green pants and carried a used handgun.
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