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Multiple people shot at Mayfair Mall, Wauwatosa, WI

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Multiple people shot at Mayfair Mall, Wauwatosa, WI. Major police response and 10 ambulances being requested to the scene. This story is developing.

An emergency incident has led to a large police presence at Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, Friday afternoon.

A store owner reported hearing gun shots inside the mall, prompting a large police response.

Reporters from Scripps station WTMJ saw a number of police squad cars as well as armored cars, ambulances and other first responders on the scene.

The Milwaukee County Transit System tweeted that routes 21, 28, 60, & 30 to the mall have been suspended due to an "emergency incident."

No injuries have been confirmed.

Wauwatosa is located 10 miles west of downtown Milwaukee.
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TheyStink LR User
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US LR User
that's the NOISE they're trying to create now that the steal is being exposed.

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US LR User
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US LR User
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ElectricBanana LR User
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watch the fake news start talking about how guns should not be available to the public because of these episodes of violence.
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US LR User
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US Level 1
He's pissed because he thought today was Black Friday.
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