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Long-standing neighbor feud ends with a fist fight LOL

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3908   10 days ago
Rot10 | 36 subscribers
3908   10 days ago
Long-standing neighbor feud ends with a fight fight LOL
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CrkWhoreRomance LR User
In any court with half right representation the guy knocking the door can easily prove he was unlawfully attacked. He made no threats, had his arms folded and was walking away when he was attacked. You'd have to be an idiot to broadcast this to the world thinking it makes you look tough or justified, I hope the attacker and his accomplice end up fucked.
Bo_Shizzy LR User
The son's an instigating faggot.
US LR User
One thing my dad taught me before he passed.  Don't step on another mans property and threaten him... ever.
Hughjanus LR User
The only winner in that fight was the punching bag, as his neighbor will now serve time.
ViktorAkula LR User
recording an attack and then publishing it :D hehehehe guess someone has to move soon and its not the beaten guy :D
US LR User
Fuck neighbors man. I got in it with mine across the street yesterday. Came home from work with their trash in front of my yard. It looked like some one dumped a pick up. After discussing with them three times, that It was not okay. About midnight and 9 beers later I tossed everything back in their yard. Punk bitch and his adult son would not come out. So I went to bed. 45 minutes later I get woken up to 3 officers at my door. I told the officers what happened ( from my upstairs window) and next thing you know the neighbors were picking up there’s trash and stacking away from my house. Of course that’s when they start talking trash, when they have police protection. Lol, here we go! Only living here another year anyways I’m done with these broke ass neighbors. This morning his wife was walking around trying to gather alliances like the other neighbors just moved here and don’t know that they suck already. Like my other neighbors are going to turn on me after all the free vegeta...
US Level 1
The more people there are, greater the odds you're going to be living next to bad ones. If I can even see the neighbor's house from mine that's too close.
Etymology LR User
Jeez, glasses man was ill-prepared for that. Never put your hands in your pockets or talk during a fight, you'll end up with a broken jaw and teeth damage.
BlatantDisgust LR User
The jokes on the fags in the house. The courts will side with the neighbor that knocked on the door.
Liberalh8tr LR User
who's the bitch talking that started the fight
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