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Crazy SHE-DINDU don't know the difference between service dog and a pet

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2219   6 days ago
Crazy DINDU don't know the difference between service dog and a pet
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gaping_anus LR User
how ironic to have an animal complaining about animals in the restaurant
i'm about 1,000 light-years past extreme nigger fatigue
tsm54 LR User
Imagine that!
AnimalMutha LR User
So, if it is disgusting to have an animal inside the restaurant, get the fuck out of there, you filthy, stinking ape.
Fakenews LR User
I think having a filthy monkey in a restaurant is disgusting. No one is going to change my opinion on that! So fuck you nigger! - kareneesha
ProudDeplorable LR User
Entitled loud mouth ape. I bet she's nastier than any dog.
NoggerFlogger LR User
hmmm....a nigger animal inside a public anywhere sprang into my mind.
US LR User
I 1000% agree it's disgusting to have an animal "nigger"  inside of a public restaurant!
Chefone17 LR User
I kinda agree with the dindu a bit here. I have no issue with a true service dog, but it seems lately, everyone is getting signed off to have their dog/s as a service animal. And this one in the video looks to be a great dane. I was in the Home Depot one time and a woman had her golden retriever with her and the thing took a BIG shit right in the middle of the aisle. She didn't clean it up. She just continued to do her shopping.
US LR User
See how the screaming bitch totally isn't even open to discussion.......a "conversation" as they say on TV.....totally uninterested in learning the dog is a service animal.    Then.....the humans there, rather than knocking her brains out and tossing her in the restaurant dumpster ( which she so richly deserves).....just "turn the other cheek".......defuse the situation by ignoring her.    Noble....and Christian....but the diseased nasty, mouthy baboon only lives to terrorize other people on another day.    1911 solution is needed.........and mop up the mess.  Everyone continue to enjoy your dinner thank you.  .....and the world is made a little better.
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