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Christianity Vid Reupload


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464   1 month ago
TinFoilHatCat | 101 subscribers
464   1 month ago
i wanted to re-upload this with the following titled "The Gist" :

There was EL and there was his Elohim life was good for these spiritual beings of light.
A few of the Elohim got restless and so they went against EL and he cast them out as the fallen ones.

There was no apple that was eaten, eve had sex with lucifer that was the forbidden fruit. She fathered a child by adam (abel) and a child by lucifer (cain) through SUPERFECUNDATION which is the fertilization of two or more ova from the same cycle by sperm from separate men.

The original sin was that EL said you can do whatever you want here in paradise here but don't have sex with lucifer but she did it because he beguiled her - he was a snake get it?. Cain who was satan's spawn grew up to murder his brother.

EL did the virgin birth with mary to send his messiah/son/savior of mankind that would tell everyone what they needed to do to escape mortality and return to the beings of light that they were always meant to be.

A lot of bad people did not like Jesus (he was a threat to their power) and thought he was a liar. They said Jesus was a blasphemer because Jesus claimed to be god and jesus told them that WE WERE ALL GODS – and he was telling the truth, we are all gods but we've been trapped here in a cannibal twin system where your literal evil twin can eat you alive and make you go to hell because if not saved after your body dies you are eaten by the fallen ones forever and your soul is trapped in hell, again this is – god's revenge for what the Elohim did. Our existence here is a SECOND CHANCE to return to being bodyless beings of eternal light.

So what the deal is – is that we live in a twin system (cain & abel) there is a good you and a bad you and you have to give your life and be reborn with christ so that your twin eyes become one and you see the truth more clearly. You must flip the script and right yourself through christ so you can return to what you were always meant to be – a happy perfect spiritual light soul that lives forever zooming around the universe...no fear of dying.

It's says in the bible that we were clothed in nakedness? How can you be clothed and naked at the same time? You can be clothed in nakedness if you spiritual body of light is put in a skin meat suit right?

The whole whole journey of life (and life is hard!) and man on earth is to find our way back to the good we were meant to be. Nothing more, it's as easy as that. Being good, having faith in christ and giving yourself up to and accepting christ/yeshua/EmannuEL. Easy peasy.

We live in a cannibal system here where if we don't get saved through faith in EL/Christ we get devoured by abaddon and the creatures of the pit for all eternity. This is EL's revenge for what the fallen ones aka Elohim did.

Our breath may die when our body does – but if you correct yourself your spirit will NOT!

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