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A terrible accident in the suburbs, where a police officer died


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721   1 month ago
ThisIsButter | 375 subscribers
721   1 month ago
A video from a surveillance camera has been published on the Web, capturing the moment of the tragic incident that occurred the day before in Klin near Moscow.

Early in the morning of last Saturday, June 12, traffic police officers were engaged in the registration of an accident . In front of the crash site there was a patrol car with flashing beacons on.

The truck driver did not notice the obstacle in his path and rammed the company car, after which the passenger car literally crumpled between the truck and the truck in front of it, which, in turn, crashed into two other vehicles.

As previously reported , one of the traffic police inspectors, a senior police lieutenant, died on the spot. His colleague was injured and hospitalized.
Tags: faal, car, crash

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