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Racist Ching Chong


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4280   5 months ago
Anonymous | 30 subscribers
4280   5 months ago
Racist Chinese man argues with interracial couple

‘Find woman of your race’: Indian-origin man abused in Singapore over Chinese-origin girlfriend.

Around 8 pm on June 5, Dave Parkash, a Singaporean man of Indian origin, was verbally abused and humiliated by a Singaporean man of Chinese origin. The incident took place near the junction of Wheelock Place and Far East Shopping Centre. Dave and his girlfriend were confronted by the man who told them in no uncertain terms that they must be dating only people of their own race.

The incident has not gone down well with the government. Singapore Home minister K Shanmugam reacted by writing a post on Facebook, titled, “Racist to love someone of a different race?”

Shanmugam said though the video is yet to be verified, but if it was indeed as it looks, it’s a “horrible” thing to have happened. “It seems like more people are finding it acceptable, to make ‘in your face’ racist statements openly. And some try to explain away, each time something like this happens.”

Shanmugam added that this was “quite unacceptable, very worrying”. “I used to believe that Singapore was moving in the right direction on racial tolerance and harmony. Based on recent events, I am not so sure anymore.”
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