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Police officer detains guy after getting in his face

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3125   1 month ago
Police officer detains guy after getting in his face
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US Level 1
The first rule of order is to establish authority, otherwise no one will comply.
tommy72 LR User
plant him with heroine that will teach the cunt
US Level 1
Many states have obscenity laws, in other states this could be called disturbing the peace.  Either way, I'd like to see what lead up to this, because that cop was on him for a reason.
US Level 1
Take him and camera faggot out back and shoot then
Then piss on them.
SleazyCharlie55 LR User
Fuck that guy. Drop him on the other side of the border without his ID. Let him figure out how he's getting back.
AE LR User
"That's a huge bitch"!
GB LR User
I however think Jose did alright on this occasion... he owned the cop and when asked to turn around and told he was being arrested he still complied ... a nigger would’ve resisted and end up being beaten / killed in the process. This will be a problem for the cop!!
timedost LR User
Cop was a total bully here
Blackscan learn from this Mexican guy. Although he knew he was right, look how peacefully he got arrested.
three4thsnuts Level 1
Hope he got fired, stupid wannabe cop. They also take an oath to the constitution, when they start thinking they are above that and above the law then they need to be removed and/or retrained, they are not an occupational force. I would not let a cop treat me like that either just because he thinks he needs to establish dominance, I will stand up for my constitutional rights. If you are willing to trade your rights for security, if you would have let yourself be treated like that and just answered yes sir, no sir then you are a coward and you can blow me. I don’t care what kind of rioting and looting is going on around me, I will not be distracted and lose sight of the constitution, I will not give cops a blanket right to do as they please with US citizens because it’s happening to someone else, I’m not stupid enough to think it will stop there. If you think that behavior is ok because it’s not happening to you, you are an ignorant coward and can blow me twice
US Level 1
Would like to see what he did before the cop got upset.
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