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[Updated] A woman pushes another woman onto train killing her

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Staff edit: Thanks to @jimjamz for the info link.
Murder at the Bucharest subway captured by surveillance cameras.

Video footage captured by surveillance cameras at the Bucharest subway show the moment when a young woman is pushed on the tracks just before the train enters the station, according to Digi24.ro.

The young woman was standing next to a column, over a meter away from the tracks, when an older woman runs to her and pushes her off the platform and onto the tracks. The young woman tried to save herself and climb back on the platform, but the aggressor kicked her and then ran away as the train was just entering the station.

The horrific incident took place on Tuesday evening at the Dristor 1 subway station in Bucharest. There were few people on the platform at that hour so nobody saw what actually happened. The few people who were there initially thought the young woman threw herself in front of the train.

The woman who committed the crime attacked another young woman at the Costin Georgian subway station shortly before. Surveillance footage showed her trying to push the younger woman off the platform three times, but the victim fought her and managed to escape in the end.

The Police caught the criminal on Wednesday morning. The 36-year old woman, whose name is Magdalena Serban, was arrested for murder and attempted murder. She was incoherent during questioning and the investigators believe she has mental problems. She didn’t know either of her victims.

The woman said she didn’t have a home and that she often slept at the Gara de Nord train station or at a friend.

The woman who was killed at the subway, Alina Ciucu, was only 25. She was working as a waitress in a restaurant in Bucharest, where she was living with her boyfriend. She was pregnant, according to the local media.

The woman came to Bucharest from a village near Craiova, where she had grown up in an adoptive family as her mother was to poor to raise her, according to Digi24 news station. Her adoptive parents supported her to go to university in Bucharest and find a job there.

Alina Ciucu was also a member of the Popular Movement Party (PMP). “We have sadly found out that the young woman so cruelly killed at the subway, Alina Ciucu, was our colleague from District 3. Condolences to her family and may god rest her innocent soul,” PMP executive president Eugen Tomac wrote on Facebook.
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She was sentenced to life imprisonment. It's fucking disgraceful that some of our taxes go to feeding this useless sack of shit.
jimjamz LR User
Happened in Romania. Shit quality video but you can still see the perp is a mudslime.

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Fucking cunt
People are garbage
krentable LR User
Kill it with fire.
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She forgot her purse.
Etymology LR User
Fake News, "Pez Woo" is fine.
Darock LR User
Pretty brutal way to go.... probably hearing and feeling all your bones cracking and breaking........
Bo_Shizzy LR User
"investigators believe she has mental problems'

That's why they get paid the big bucks.
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bitch was mad as fuck
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