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Popular streamer beat a model during an argument about breast size

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21138   1 month ago
For blogger Andrei Burim, better known as Mellstroy, the conversation with the police ended with the night broadcast from the capital's Federation Tower - during the stream he beat up his guest - blogger and model Alena Efremova in the presence of guests.

After the incident, Burim, who moved from Belarusian Gomel to Moscow in 2017, deleted the entry, but subscribers kept it. Efremova, as can be understood from the staff, he invited at the request of subscribers, but a meaningful dialogue did not work.

At first, the young people quarreled because of the "impulse", but then Mellstroy was able to control himself, although he insulted the interlocutor, unflattering about her physical data. In response, Alena suggested that he measure his breasts, after which Burim grabbed her by the neck and hit her face on the table several times.

The victim, in tears, recorded a video at the exit of the Federation Tower, and then turned to the doctors and the police. Doctors diagnosed her with bruises of the soft tissues of her face.

According to unconfirmed information, Mellstroy offered Efremova 100 thousand rubles as compensation, but she refused.
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US Level 1
...We can all get mad at him for beating the shit out of her or we could look at this as a life lesson to those young ladies about dating blogger douche bags... Young women tend to get drawn to negativity...
CA LR User
The guy has a punchable face.
US Level 1
I hope he gets his ass beat
Et_tu_Brute LR User
Percussive maintenance will not make her mammary glands grow any bigger.
US LR User
And the soy-boy guests don't even glance their way with any disapproval.
US LR User
$1,288.00 USD, she could probably get three Russian bouncers to beat his head against a wall and dispose of the body. Maybe even post it here! :)
Johns975 LR User
US LR User
Methinks he may 'dis-like' females...
Uh...he's a cock gobbling fag!
DE LR User
rat faced faggy rich boy needs an attitude adjustment and check his nuddle arms bwahaha no wonder he compensates something
US LR User
Arguing about breast size? Personally I think this faggoty bitch boos tits are plenty large.
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