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Belarus protests

646   12 days ago
Chupa | 69 subscribers
646   12 days ago
In the two months since rigged presidential elections jolted Belarus out of a deep political slumber after a quarter-century of authoritarian rule, a stalemate appeared to be setting in. Demonstrators continued to fill the streets in numbers that until recently would have been unthinkable, while President Aleksandr Lukashenko showed no sign of stepping down.

But then Lukashenko blinked—setting off a chain of events that could cause the situation to escalate in the weeks to come.
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hey a rainbow
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Beat those terrorists up
Buckets of paint, spears in the tires, Molotov cocktails, Cmon people fight the machine.
Is Russia next? The Dictator for life is seeing more protesting.
This is just like water day at my daughter's school.
Meh - Water...

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