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Trump "I will not give America back to the depraved Washington swamp", he said at Iowa MAGA Rally

4840   13 days ago
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4840   13 days ago
Des Moines, Iowa: President Donald J. Trump explains how ‘Drain the Swamp’ came to life - and reminds everyone that he only ran for President because the previous Obama administration did not do a good job. In fact, Trump said, if they had done a good job, he would not have run or won.
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..."Draining the swamp" also should include the seditious media...
Four more years!
he's the best thing to happen to our country in decades. all of this smearing the last 4 years was because he's an outlier and they were afraid of losing control after being bought by china and iran. trudeau already sold canada down the river for china. australia is like a communist china testing ground. they're all fucked! trump doesn't want that to happen here. #maga2020 #wwg1wga!
that's right
"depraved Washington swamp"  =  Shit-eatin' LibFuck MORONS  =  Drooling imbeciles ADORED by LimpLeak LefTard faggots
Trump needs to do whatever it takes to remain in office. Pelosi the cunt WILL do all she can to not allow Trump to get victory. I am betting the Dem vote will be lagre, and it will come down to the electoral college. And even then, there will need to be serious investigations into fraudulent votes.
I mean, WHY the fuck did I go get a Voter ID Card, when they are allowing ballot stuffing via Mail?
Voting should be done IN PERSON, The day of the election, and require VALID ID.

Trump in 2020 or the USA it tits up.
Someone needs to post this here: 
The Trumpsman | The Maga Service

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