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Meltdown Over A MAGA Hat At A Diner

7602   13 days ago
Fairenough | 185 subscribers
7602   13 days ago
Meltdown Over A MAGA Hat At A Diner
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i had an intense dislike for what President Obama stood for, and the things he did.
Everything he did, was 180 deg out of phase with my thinking.

But I can't imagine saying anything to someone that wore a "hope and change" shirt or hat. Let alone throw a fit over it..

Something is wrong with these people..
White people are acting like idiots in a restaurant, attacking each other because of what the other is wearing, one a hat, the other a mask and a black person is trying to calm them because they are ruining her business. My head is all kinds of screwed up now, I’m going back to bed.
Typical Democrats supporter.
There a good chance we'll have to go through another 4 years of this crap.  I sure hope so.  MAGA 2020
We have something for you cunt lesbian...watch what happens to lesbians who dont pray to Trump when CW2 starts
She is clearly racist against Orange People.
why is she wearing a shirt featuring pacman? that guys love balls, she clearly doesnt :)
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