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Two Armenian POWs Executed by Azeri soldiers

4338   14 days ago
Turco | 34 subscribers
4338   14 days ago
Two Armenian POW Executed by Azeri soldiers.
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Need More Genocide, Allah Akbar, and cowbell. 

Rotating the phone 90 degrees would be a nice touch too.
Well, muzzies dont even know geneva exists ... so POW rights ... u know ... lol
This is exactly why my username is Mulimslayer. For all cocksucking mulsim lovers on LR this video should be a reminder of what muslims are. Armenians have held on to their captured POW and treat them well. And this is what Azeris and Turks do.
...Too bad all the fighting aged men are busy protesting in other countries...
If I recall correctly the Geneva convention does not apply to soldiers out of uniform. If this was a covert sabotage group then I think it may not be illegal to execute them. I can't tell if they are in uniform, partly in uniform, or not at all in uniform. No matter what, I don't think it's the right to execute captives.
Subhuman muslim Turkic shits. Turks are a fking civilizational blight, primitive amoebae that do nothing else but devour and multiply.

Thank fuck my family has killed so many fucking Turks in 5 centuries that we have developed natural immunity to feeling less empathy for those subhumans than toward invasive ants. Can't wait an opportunity to do a good deed for western civilization and slaughter those goatfuckers.
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