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Jane Fonda Says COVID 19 Is 'God's Gift

21581   15 days ago
EradicateLibs | 38 subscribers
21581   15 days ago
I up-loaded this cause I cant wait to read the comments!
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FUCK YOU - Hanoi Jane .....  Our Soldiers should have put a bullet in your head back in Nam.
that filthy traitor bitch I hope she gets raped by a pack of wild niggers
hollywood elite doing what she has been doing since day 1, talking down like she is someone important

this crusty old cunts isnt even worthy of deserving my contempt. as a former army soldier and one who had family who fought in vietnam i understand why she is so hated by american loving men/women and so loved by the hollywood elite; but she isnt worth it

hollywood is not important. they are run largely by those who are wholly countered to your ethics and moral. if you are christian or even just a regular working american its important to understand that the people you support via entertainment dollars FUCKING HATE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. they will take your money, tell you your postions are wrong and poison your children with their brand of humanism. walk away, its just entertainment
Great heroine of drooling LefTard LibCucks everywhere!
WHY is that worthless scag still breathing our precious oxygen????
...It can't be coincidence that Halloween comes just before the elections... ...Nothing gets me in the mood for season, like the ghoulish opinions of a goddamned Liberal... The true spooks of society...
Too bad Peter died, instead of both of them.
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