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Riots after authorities BULLDOZE illegal kiosk & kill sleeping man inside

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1482   1 month ago
Doomhead | 68 subscribers
1482   1 month ago
Riots after BULLDOZE of a illegal kiosk & kill sleeping man inside.

Hundreds of rioters clashed with police in the Tunisian town of Sbeitla after authorities bulldozed an unlicensed cigarette kiosk, killing its owner who was sleeping inside.
The accident, which happened during the execution of a local ordinance to remove illegal street shopping booths, sparked massive protests in the rural western Kasserine region on Tuesday. The Tunisian military was deployed to protect municipal buildings in Sbeitla amid the riots.

Locals reported that the 52-year-old cigarette vendor died while sleeping inside his kiosk when a police bulldozer arrived and flattened the structure, crushing him under the rubble.
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LR User
You can't tell anymore if this is Africa or USA...that's crazy😱
US LR User
Riots? All they did was set a fucking dumpster on fire.
They need to watch some "peaceful protester" vids from the USA to get this right.
Lilibet96 LR User
He died peaceful in his sleep..no bombs or shootings...
US Level 1
Fuck them fuckers.
Kill them also.
VA Level 1
Illegal becaus ehe didn't pay the good old BAKSHISH!

All these shitholes run on bakshish and 'corruption' is their economic system
Bo_Shizzy LR User
Definitely sucks but not as egregious as when those two little kids in the US were bulldozed to death for operating an illegal lemonade stand.
stonewallz LR User
Looks like a dumpster fire shithole.