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Israeli airstrikes a target in southwestern Damascus

4 days ago, 1729 views
Israeli airstrikes southwestern #Damascus hours after the arrival of Iranian arms shipments to Damascus International Airport.
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Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 3 days ago  - (Points 37858)
...Another whole big load of nothing generated by Pissrael in the hopes the entire world will go to war for it...
rcpilotjae's avatar
rcpilotjae - 3 days ago  - (Points 8409)
So.......did it actually hit anything?
RealiJustinsane's avatar
RealiJustinsane - 3 days ago  - (Points 11954)
While taking cover behind a landing Civilian 767 with 176 passengers aboard, the few missiles which weren't shot down fell into the residential area around the airport. Fuck Israel!
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Ruvenn - 3 days ago  - (Points 16)
Thank you Israel for maintaining the Middle East and Europe.   Meanwhile, Europeans are naïve about Iran.
RealiJustinsane's avatar
RealiJustinsane - 3 days ago  - (Points 11954) Ruvenn
Autotroll triggered.....Agenda first! Fuck Israel!

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Borderlord - 3 days ago  - (Points 25223)
Ground to air...……….
Leviathan's avatar
Leviathan - 4 days ago  - (Points 3619)
Israeli airstrikes a target in southwestern Damascus.... all I saw was an anti aircraft missile launch.
hey wait sec, why is Israel bombing Syria again? didn't they already sell the rights to all Syria's oil in the Golan Heights to Genie energy? uh yeah, ..
At least Trumps guarding the oilfields and turkey's invading.. Meanwhile the Kurds carry on with one of the oldest cultures in the world. Why hasn't the UN gone in and fucked them over yet?
they should just build the temple in Jeruselem, declare Jared Kushner Moshiach and wage a limited tactical nuke strikes taking out all the 7 countries the pentagon planned to take out after 9/11 in just a few hours.
Niggun "We Want Moshiach Now"
GeorgiaMontanaBoy's avatar
GeorgiaMontanaBoy - 4 days ago  - (Points 3127)
What was that a big bottle rocket taking off lmao
Doomhead's avatar
Doomhead - 4 days ago  - (Points 906)
pew pew pew

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