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CCTV shows shooting of two NY police officers

7 days ago, 2198 views
CCTV shows suspect in shooting of two NY police officers. Two New York City police officers were shot within hours of each other Saturday night and Sunday morning in what officials believe were targeted attacks by the same gunman.

The alleged gunman was identified Sunday as Robert Williams, 45, who was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, criminal possession of a weapon and resisting arrest.

The first officer was wounded when a gunman fired into his patrol van Saturday night, an attack that officials called an attempted assassination. The second officer was shot Sunday morning when a gunman entered a precinct headquarters in the Bronx and opened fire with a 9 mm handgun, Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said.

Surveillance video showed the shooter firing toward a desk where there were several uniformed officers, Shea said. From point-blank range, the gunman then fired several more rounds at other officers and a civilian, he added.

A lieutenant was struck in his upper left arm before the gunman surrendered and was taken into custody, Shea said. The officer was listed as stable, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted Sunday morning. The man asked the officers for directions and then pulled out a gun "without provocation," Shea said. The man fired multiple shots, striking the officer behind the wheel. Shea said the officer's carotid artery narrowly avoided injury.

Neither officer returned fire. The officer's partner drove him to a hospital nearby. Shea called both officers "heroic" for their composure and said their long association made for "an amazing story."

The officers had been stationed in the neighborhood because of recent drug activity and violence, Shea said. Shea said the suspect was convicted in 2002 of attempted murder after he shot a person, carjacked a woman and opened fire on police officers. The suspect was paroled in 2017, Shea said.

Authorities believe he was responsible for both shootings.

The ambush in the van, which Shea said "should outrage all New Yorkers," happened just before 8:30 p.m. in the South Bronx.

The officer at the wheel was grazed in his chin and his neck, but he avoided serious injury, Shea said Saturday. He was expected to released from the hospital Sunday.
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Virvelvinden85's avatar
Virvelvinden85 - 6 days ago  - (Points 68)
How many cops does it need to take down a suspect.... 25 I think
FlySquattor's avatar
FlySquattor - 6 days ago  - (Points 550)
That's why I Dont wander off anywhere pass North of 62 Pct.
rcpilotjae's avatar
rcpilotjae - 6 days ago  - (Points 8409)
Always niggers.....
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Fairenough - 6 days ago  - (Points 7799)
fucking nigger
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Mortis308 - 7 days ago  - (Points 147)
LoL. He's face down and they beat the fuck out of him for that stupid ass move. I wonder if he is that dumb or if he was paid to pull that stunt. Right up close to few of them and didn't kill or seriously hurt anyone as far as I read.
CarlosDanger's avatar
CarlosDanger - 6 days ago  - (Points 267) Mortis308
Fuck this NIGGER. He'll be a hero in prison for 5-10 years and then get out to kill police officers. Should've put a bullet in this ape's skull. It's the only way to kill them.
Mortis308's avatar
Mortis308 - 6 days ago  - (Points 147) CarlosDanger
There are many different ways of killing them. My point was not that they shouldn't have beat the shit out of him or kill him. Just remarking on the oddity of having twice tried to "assassinate cops" , and both times managed to not do any real damage. With the political climate with the state gov. not enforcing federal laws and the cops pissed (rightly so), seems worth considering that this was a op to put pressure on the city/state gov and get the public behind the feds.

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