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Kansas City’s Super Bowl parade crashed by dramatic police chase

19 days ago, 2112 views
Kansas City&s Super Bowl parade crashed by dramatic police chase. A driver on a "joy ride" Wednesday along the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl parade route was put into a forced spin by law enforcement officers who then arrested the driver and another person at gunpoint (Feb. 5)

The crash happened when several police units were dispatched and one police car used a PIT maneuver, a tactic that forces a fleeing car to turn sideways and lose control, on the suspect.

Police said the car continued south along the route, where it appeared as if it would be headed toward the crowd that started to gather in anticipation of the parade. KCPD said that it had stationed several cars to block off the fleeing car from the crowd. Then, police used the PIT (pursuit intervention technique) to stop the car.

The release said that the driver was being investigated for impairment and that a search of the car did not find any weapons. Police said they did not know the suspect’s motives, but added that “there were no indications of terrorist activity.”

Police said the parade route was secured after the incident.
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Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 19 days ago  - (Points 39024)
....Would have been a hilarious twist if it was one of the celebrating Chiefs....
Borderlord's avatar
Borderlord - 19 days ago  - (Points 26733)
Oh my God....Holy crap Batman...…………..
JohnGalt's avatar
JohnGalt - 19 days ago  - (Points 11296)
The usual suspects, she dindu nuffin.

BigCK's avatar
BigCK - 19 days ago  - (Points 2095)
Well, it seems it was a case of “what a day”.

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